Celebrating 10 years of projects with our brand new titles:

WOMB by Alan Chies and Canedicoda
The book is a collaboration between photographer Alan Chies and artist/illustrator Canedicoda. The background landscape recalls the common origin of the two authors. Canedicoda sets flags and shelters for the intimate Alan Chies’ visions. The silkscreens intervention over young women portraits are primordial masks for a new generation to come.

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DIFFERENT NATURE by Valentino Barachini and Cristiano Guerri
The book is about nature and its representation, but it is also a sort of comparison between two different authors and their way to play photography. Their visions dialogue through the alternation of black and white photos (Valentino Barachini) and color photos (Cristiano Guerri). The images follow one another alternating a framed picture with a full page poster.