Legs as a visual pretext to tell about sensuality, fragility, stability/instability, cruelty, pleasure and fun.
Photos by: Amber Chavez, Phill Jenkins, Andrey Timofeev, Mike Avina, Julie Simon, Lucasz Wierzbowski, Brian Sokolowski, Sasha Mademuaselle, Don Hudson, Ania Vouloudi, Salva López.

24 page booklet and printed envelope wrapped in tights.
15 x 21 cm
100 numbered copies
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Cover - Front 

Cover - back 

Cover + Booklet 

Amber Chavez 

Phill Jenkins 

Andrey Timofeev 

Mike Avina 

Julie Simon 

Lucasz Wierzbowski 

Brian Sokolowski 

Sasha Mademuaselle 

Don Hudson
: Don Hudson

Sasha Mademuaselle 

Ania Vouloudi 

Phill Jenkins 

Salva López